The guardian module is used to arrange data into family members, clean data, check duplicates and tell about the missing data. in addition to counting the missing full name, missing relation, parents and staff users, and counting users without the other words the guardian module is used to fix conflicts in the input data (students, parents, staff).

  1. All guardians: represent members within a family
  2. Missing full name: Families that not related to any father (family head is different from father), Update members to display correctly in printing grid and many other pages
  3. Parents and staff: users that are staff but have children in the school
  4. Missing relation: These below data represent students that not related to any family
  5. No app installed: Members who not installed the application yet

The check duplicates button opens you a list of criteria to choose for your search (first name, father name, grade……

In the guardian’s menu the small plus logo on the left shows you data related to each family ex: students name grade …. Or press on the name to see all details

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