1- Send Nonfiction (App, SMS- Email)

The user can send a notification to a specific parent or list of them by selecting the checkbox buttons next to the student name then select the app which will move to broadcast message.

  • Sending SMS messages
  • Sending emails

2- Export to Excel

The system supports export data to excel file by using the function (export to excel) which will open a new popup window to select which kind of data you want to export it as we see below:

3- Add to groups

Administrator can create groups that contains specific parents. The user can use these groups to send notification or to organize users in meaningful way.

4- Print invitation letter

It is a very useful feature to send account info to the parents dynamically and print the invitation letter which contains features of the EYESCHOOL system. The invitation letter supports two main languages (English and Arabic).

5- Search parents by application installed

You can filter the parents in each class to know who has the app installed or not.

6- Show parents login logs

The user can tack and follow the parent’s login to the system by using login logs, which cantinas list of information for example (user name – login date – country – city – browser type– mobile login – etc.).

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