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parents can be informed about the assignments and duties of their children through the EYEschool app which supports both systems (Android - IOS) via their smartphone.

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School Calendar

To provide the mechanization of school calendar in an electronic way that shows students and parents the school program during the school year.

Student Grades

The system supports the entry of student grades in an easy and innovative way with the ability to print grades for classes every year in various reports.


The attendance module in EyeSchool consists of 2 main sections, Students and Staff attendance as shown in the below figure. So users can take the attendance without the need of special sheets by coordinators or teachers.


Allowing parents to keep updated about the recent school news and press releases.


An effective tool to inform parents, staff and students about the occuring events in the school.


Dividing the payments and their contents and rescheduling them within a timetable that is appropriate for each academic stage and sending alert notifications.

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Student Conduct and Evaluation

The school can create dynamic models for assessing student behavior and performance during educational sessions.


It helps students obtain textbooks and class references within a school's electronic library.


Allowing the school to make a progressive digital transformation transfering the school to reach the quickly growing technological advancement.


Facilitating quizing experience to walk with the top trending quiz platforms through a customizable quizing form that saves time and effort and providing accurate results.


User profile facilitating users personal information update and modification, in order to ensure updated data.

A native app for every platform

EYEschool is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. You can use it in any platform.

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