Class-room scheduling is an important section in schools, colleges, and universities. With increasing constraints and typically decreasing resources, class-room scheduling presents a challenge to administration and faculty. This guide discusses scheduling, examines some of the leading tools being used for class-room scheduling, defines the class-room scheduling issue, and then uses one of the tools as an example of college class-room scheduling.

The system uses many tools which contains all information about the sections, periods, days, times and assign teachers to their subjects and classes.

Class schedule

Class schedule features include but not limited to:

  • Creation of multiple timetable for different classes.
  • Enable to import timetable from another class to reduce steps and woks for user.
  • The course scheduling system allows you to announce an unlimited number of classes on your school.
  • you can organize all your classes into a timetable and manage schedule.
  • Ability to assign teachers to their subjects and classes.
  • Show teacher schedule by his/her classes with enable to print schedule and print it.
  • Allows to add many subjects in same period and selection students whose study each subject.

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