Agenda features include but not limited to:

  • The ability for teachers to view their specific schedule with printout options.
  • The ability for teachers to add/edit/delete/publish/un-publish tasks on agenda
  • Allow adding many attachments in the same period.
  • Allow uploading files with a maximum:30Mb.
  • Rich text in the assignment, that means teacher can write anything in the text box with list toolbar above the text, which it gives options to make the text more useful and important to the students, for example (bold – italic – underline – font style – font size – font color – font background color – alignment …etc.). these styles will have an effect on students to view their homework.
  • The teacher can add a deadline date to the assignment attachment, which allows the student to answer the homework before the end of the date of it.
  • Add new options that allow the student to reply to the attachment to allow the students to reply to it.
  • Add a new button in agenda students to show the homework and reply for allowed ones.
  • Allow teachers to show students a reply for each homework with the new popup window, it views a list of students whose answer before the end of the deadline date.
  • The teacher can write his/her comment for student reply for each homework for example (good, excellent, the mark of homework, any note) and send the comment to the student account as a notification (APP).
  • Defining roles for teachers to perform agenda tasks mentioned above and limiting the actions according to the school’s policy.
  • Escalating the role of publishing/un-publish of the agenda to other staff like class/section supervisor.
  • Students can check the agenda using the browser or Mobile App for any specific day
  • Parents can check the agenda for any of their kids using the browser or Mobile App for any specific day per
  • Reports are available to show tasks carried out on Agenda. For instance, list of un-published home-works can be a listed for the supervisor’s follow-up.

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