Agenda features include but not limited to:

  • Timetable pre-definition for all the classes before the beginning of the academic year.
  • Creation of multiple timetables for different time intervals which might not be the same for all the classes.
  • Creation of class schedule based on the pre-defined timetable which is achieved by selecting the period and the corresponding teacher and the subject being taught.
  • Ability for teachers to view their specific schedule with printout options.
  • Ability for teachers to add, edit, delete, publish and un-publish tasks on agenda.
  • Defining roles for teachers to perform agenda tasks mentioned above and limiting the actions according to the school’s policy.
  • Escalating the role of publish/un-publish of the agenda to other staff like class/section supervisor.
  • Students can check the agenda using Web or Mobile App for any specific day.
  • Parents can check the agenda of their kids using Web or Mobile App for any specific day.
  • Reports are available to show tasks carried out on Agenda. For instance, list of un-published assignments can be listed for supervisor’s follow-up.

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