Agenda consists of one module which is separated into many tasks (add agenda, add lesson, view agenda, delete agenda, agenda viewers, publish agenda and make agenda unpublished.


1- Add Agenda: Administration can control who is able to add agenda by assigning specific role, so it can be added by teachers, cycle coordinators or administration staff.

User start to add agenda by clicking on the plus icon, a new window appears showing Date, time, subject and teacher name.

User can do the following steps:

  • Fill up the assignment text area (required).
  • Add attachments related to the agenda in multiple formats (.PDF, .DOC .XLSX, .JPEG ….).

Then save and publish the agenda.

Add Agenda

2- Add lesson: In the agenda module, click the green plus icon to add what teacher is preparing. New window will appear with the following details, Date, Time, Subject and Teacher Name.

User must do the following steps:

  • Fill up the prepare text area.
  • Add attachments related to the prepared lesson in multiple formats (.PDF, .DOC .XLSX, .JPEG ….).
  • Save the prepare lesson.

3- View agenda (Eye icon): allows Teacher to review added Agenda.

4- Delete Agenda (X icon): after pressing the delete icon, a confirmation message will appear in a new popup allows user to delete agenda.

5- Agenda viewers (person icon): allows teacher to monitor who reviewed the agenda from students and/or parents.

6- Edit Agenda: users are able to edit Agenda before making it publish by checking the box.
Note that user can’t be able to edit agenda once it’s published. In case we need to edit the agenda, we must unchecked the publish box in order to get access to edit agenda.

7- Publish and un-publish:
These two icons allow users to publish or un-publish Agenda in all periods.

8- Add Agenda to all periods:
The administration can add agenda all periods for one day by using plus button which under name of day and date as we see below:

Also can make publish for all periods as we see:

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