EYESchool grades module help schools to define the marks structure, student marks and print marks for classes per academic year with different reports. Once the marks structure is defined with terms and materials for each class, the grades module known as “student marks” is then set according to class marks structure based on the structure of each class.

The grade module allow teachers to add marks only for subjects and classes which the supervisor defined them previously for each teacher, that means the teacher can’t access the marks from another materials or classes, as well the administrator of the school have access to all marks for all classes by using reports which has been provided from EyeSchool system.

Eye school provides French grades system (Evaluation Grades System) which has similar concept of normal grades system, but with some difference in evaluating marks structure and adding marks for each student in each skill (subject in the school), in addition different reports has been provided for evaluating system.

French grades system is optional and can be added upon school request.

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