The student profile system helps managing the details of the student profile in a highly organized way. From enrollment to handling inquiries, tracking students’ progress, sending reminders, and notifications, the student information system does it all. Also helps to stay concentrated on students learning and work towards continuous improvement.


  • Register new students: the system helps to register new students by using wizard steps, which helps to create new accounts for the students with main required information such as (cycle – class section and parents).
  • Student settings: it can be controlled using the students accounts for example (show grades, show agenda, show eBooks etc…).
  • Academic year tracking: the user can follow student account in the different academic year and track his /her information in many modules such as (agenda – attendance etc.)
  • Managing student information: helps school administrators to handle student registration, attendance, and to analyze academic progress manually
  •  Student portal: it is a single source of information for students to track schedules, attendance, courses, invoices/payment dues. With the student portal, students can keep a trail of their day-to-day activities, check topics for discussion, schedules, grades, etc.

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