Grades features:

  • Create many terms in marks structure for each class with ability to define ratio for term and create many sub-terms for each one.
  • Allow to assign materials to each class with ability to define max mark and pass mark for each material with many sub-materials in each main course.
  • Enable to import marks structure from one class to another.
  • Ability to lock marks to protect them from editing by any one after we add the marks and publish them to view it in parents account.
  • Teacher can add marks for each student in each term and show final total average for him/her with validation on mark value.
  • Student marks come with meaningful colors to tell the user different status of student result in each subject (successfail).
  • Create mark report as horizontal template to view all student marks in each class and number of absence for each student and enable to print the template.
  • Allow to print student marks in each term the user selects any academic year with the ability to change print page settings for example (student result – parent’s signature, remark of administration).
  • Ability to customize the print marks template before print it to change style of template.
  • The calculation of marks for students is correctly and consider previous settings for example (terms ratio and subject mark included in total average)
  • Support different templates in evaluation grade system and user can select type of template in student evaluation mark before printing it.

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