Inventory system is the management of these tools and resources to ensure that they are being cared for properly, utilized in the ideal fashion, and the returns on the expenditure and labour on them are high. Inventory management thus affects multiple concerns a school would have – from ensuring their investment has good returns but also ensuring that all their stakeholders benefit from everything the school or college has to offer.

Inventory software for education provides an easy-to-use and highly configurable system to accurately manage inventory the way your school, school district, college or university wants. The code-based inventory management system efficiently tracks all campus supplies for you, so that you can spend more time and money on what matters most, your students.

Accounting software features include but not limited to:

  • Better Organization of School Property: the first highly visible benefit of using inventory management module to manage school tools, resources, infrastructure – just all of an educational institution’s assets – are that you will immediately see this entire process becoming more organized.
  • Superlative Tracking of Assets: Since all requests for use, requisition, procurement and disbursal of assets go through an inventory management module and all school property is closely tracked. This cuts down on one-time borrowing or informal exchanges – which is invariably how schools lose track of their assets.
  • Anytime and Anywhere Accessibility: No more standing in queues or filling out forms in triplicate for administrators managing inventory or the students and teachers trying to access them. The process of inventory management is far quicker and simpler than ever for all stakeholders – all thanks to the use of school management software.

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